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Our Hospital Substitution Programs

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Clarity deliver a Hospital Substitution Program offering care to people with ongoing and complex psychiatric issues whom have a history of multiple inpatient admissions and remain at risk of readmission. We work collaboratively with patients’ treating teams to ensure a consistent, evidence based approach.

Excitingly, multiple health funds have recognised that most patients prefer to receive care at home and thrive when care is executed in a coordinated, assertive and responsive fashion in the community (IE: not bed-based services).  Through clinic based appointments, outreach (at home services), telehealth or group based interventions, you will have access to our psychiatrists, mental health clinicians and groups at no cost to you.  

Clarity have shown through robust evaluation of their work that their sophisticated community mental health care creates improved quality of life for the patient and their carers/families. This is by building the resilience and skills to proactively manage mental health concerns and prevent the need for hospital admissions in the longer term. Not only is this in line with what the patient wants, but reflects evidence based treatment.