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How Deep Brain Stimulation Helped Kate with Severe OCD - The Project, Channel 10

Clare Groves (MBA, B.OccTher)
Founder and Managing Director
Clarity Health Care

Thanks to Channel 10 and The Project team for allowing this most important story to be shared. Watch it here: Link (Clarity Health Care and OCD)

I am proud to have been a part of The Project segment in highlighting what is possible when mental health professionals work collaboratively for the long term recovery of our patients. The bravery of my wonderful client, Kate, in telling her story is nothing short of inspirational. I hope Kate’s experience will encourage others to reach out, continue forward and know there is help out there and professionals who genuinely care.  

I started Clarity Health Care because I was driven by a desire to provide effective mental health care within a “one-stop shop”. I wanted to transform the quality of life for our patients and their caregivers by providing responsive, best practice treatment within their own homes and communities.

 I am proud of my dedicated and talented team of professionals who are committed to our core values of inclusion, respect and empathy. Supporting patients within their community allows us to better understand how their world has been so severely restricted, what is of importance to them and how we optimise recovery. It puts the patient at the centre of all we do rather than their condition.

 As with all the patients we see at Clarity Health Care, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to walk beside people through the most difficult points in their lives. The responsibility of treating people with mental health concerns of any kind is not lost on our clinicians and we thank all our patients who entrust their recovery to us. Our communities are transformed when people recover from mental illness, return to their life and share their stories.


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Clare Groves