Clarity Health Care


Flexible Mental Health Care

Model of Care and Service Overview

Clarity Health Care (CHC) is a mental health service delivering a multidisciplinary, responsive program offering care to people with any form of mental health concern or mental illness. Our team comprises of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and registered nurses. Clarity utilise several modalities to offer consumers and carers choice in the treatment they receive. This includes outreach services, clinic based appointments, telehealth and group programs. Due to the design of the workforce at Clarity, collaboration and continuity of care is core to the delivery of the treatment with the recovery model and bio-psycho-social model as overarching principles. Your mental health care will be in collaboration with your GP or other health care practitioners in addition to any carers and family members you would like to involve.

Clarity provide treatment for any mental health concern and will suggest an appropriate treating team after speaking with the consumer over the phone. This decision will be made in full collaboration with you and your loved ones; taking into account your previous history, preferences and current presenting concerns. It is very rare that Clarity would not have a suitable mental health clinician for a consumer’s concern.

Areas of Practice Include (but are not limited to) 

Areas of Practice include (but are not limited to):

  • Mood disorders including; depression, bipolar type I and II, schizoaffective disorder, psychotic depression

  • Anxiety disorders (EG: generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder)

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • Psychotic illnesses including first episode psychosis

  • Personality disorders

  • Mood Instability (mood swings)

  • Eating disorders

  • PTSD and acute stress reaction

  • Trauma backgrounds

  • Substance abuse disorders

  • Grief and bereavement

  • Adjustment disorders and difficult life stages

  • Resilience training

  • Perinatal psychiatry

  • Family therapy

  • Adolescent mental health including school refusal, gaming addictions, behaviour concerns